Finance a boat

By the LOA

LOA is a flexible nautical financing solution where you rent a boat for a defined period by paying monthly rentals.

With a credit

This solution enables you to acquire a boat by spreading the total cost over a defined period. You obtain a loan from a financial institution to cover the purchase price of the boat, and repay the loan in monthly payments comprising the principal amount borrowed plus interest.

Through a subscription

Financing your boat by subscription simplifies the financial and operational management of your sailing experience.
You share your boat with subscribers.

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Comparison of our financing solutions

Discover the advantages of each of the financing methods offered by JMA Yachting

Modularity of durationRevision of monthly paymentsAll-inclusive
Partial prepayments possiblePartial refundFixed cost
Equipment integrationPostponementShared economies
Transferable (subject to conditions)6 month commitment
International contract (subject to change)

*Subject to financing organization and acceptance of your application.

A credit commits you and must be repaid

Additional benefits


Modularity of duration

Partial prepayments possible

Equipment integration

Transferable (subject to conditions)

International contract (subject to change)

The credit

Revision of monthly payments

Partial refund


The suscription

All inclusive

Fixed cost

Shared economies

6-month commitment

Why choose

JMA Yachting

To finance your boat?

With over 25 years' experience in the nautical industry, located in Port-Fréjus on the Var coast, JMA Yachting specializes in the sale, rental and management of new and pre-owned boats.

As a dealer for the Ferretti Group's prestigious brands, we are proud to represent names synonymous with excellence and innovation in the world of yachting. At JMA Yachting, we believe that yachting is much more than a simple nautical activity. It's an art of living, an unparalleled adventure on the waves of the Mediterranean. In addition to sales and rentals, we are also your preferred partner for mooring space searches in the Côte d'Azur's main ports.

We also offer a concierge service to meet your every need. At JMA Yachting, we're much more than just a dealer; we're your trusted partner for a lifetime of yachting and adventure at sea.

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About us

JMA YACHTING specializes in new and used boat sales and rentals in Frejus.

Located in the heart of Fréjus and managed by Jean-Marie AMBROSINO, a boating enthusiast, JMA Yachting has been supporting you in making your dreams come true for more than 25 years. Specializing in the sale and rental of new boats and we also sell used boats. JMA Yachting is a concessionaire of the FERRETTI GROUP, which produces the Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Custom Line, Wally, Riva and Mochi Craft brands. JMA Yachting also deals with the sale of used boats of all brands by selecting quality models for you with rigorous expertise. EXCEPTIONAL YACHTS JMA YACHTING shares your passion as a knowledgeable expert. We combine the technical skills of the builders, the discerning eye of the sailor, the creativity of the architect and the philosophy of yachting for each transaction. At JMA YACHTING, each model represents much more than a simple transaction, it is a meeting between sea enthusiasts. DEALER OF PRESTIGIOUS BRANDS As a dealer of the prestigious brands of the FERRETTI GROUP, JMA YACHTING embodies the excellence of yachting Italian style. Combining style, performance and elegance, the FERRETTI GROUP will offer you the boat that perfectly matches your aspirations.

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